Spring Fair NEC

Sun 5th – Thurs 9th Feb 2017

Well, after a whirlwind development phase and building the brand concept here we are launching Finch and Belle at Spring Fair, NEC www.springfair.com to share our passion for socks.

What a great buzz there is, as all the other vendors set up their stands we are very proud of our very on brand Finch and Belle stand.

Designed and created by Premier Events in Leicester www.premier-ltd.com

We chose Pantone Grey 430C and Pantone Blue 635U (now known as Finch Blue in the office!) to sit back with our brand colours and logo for the unit.

Panel Light back drops behind the name, logo and tall column.

We used the logo as an all over pattern for 2 backdrops and a plain Finch Blue for the centre so our socks would stand out against the contrast.

The unit has 12 box inserts for displaying the socks on foot forms and 5 open shelves on the back wall too.  Plus a TV with a scrolling presentation of our website and products.

Kim bought a high table and chairs for visitors to take a seat for meetings with us and of course we had to add a little touch of  luxury with an orchid plant and dish of mints! (and yes already I can’t stop eating them!)

The photography imagery looks so strong and is definitely catching the eye of the visitors, which is drawing them on to the stand to come and see who and what Finch and Belle is about!

Our passion for socks is clearly visible to everyone that stops by as they have all complimented our products – “Wow, I’ve not seen a sock like this before “or “Oooo yes there isn’t anything out there like this”. This is great feedback to hear only 2 days in as it gives us confidence in what we have created is desirable!

We are sharing our story to independent buyers that come onto the stand so that they begin to enter the Finch and Belle world and also feel a passion for socks.

The range is versatile something for every occasion for that amazing woman juggling career, home and family life, love entertaining and are often invited to various evening events. Love fashion and demand quality and care about your health and fitness… we have a city range, casual range, occasion range and an active range to suit all aspects of your life.