Our Story

Our team have been working in the design & clothing industry, collectively for too many years !! We have a passion for everything this embraces and also an insane love of socks, yes you heard right.  People say “a sock is just a sock” but when you have worked with socks, designed them, understood the complexities of the product and sold thousands and thousands of them as we have in our career’s, then those little things you put on the ends of your legs take on a different meaning and that’s where our new brand Finch & Belle was born and has become a reality.

We have had the experience of developing ranges for a lot of well known retailers and have pride in what we have achieved and the successes we have shared in but now we wanted to create a luxury brand of ladies socks that brings all the elements together including all the luxurious touches in one collection. We are using beautiful yarns including Cashmere’s and Silk’s, we have a very upmarket look to our packaging even taking care of your socks by inserting tissue paper to prevent crushing, all our socks have a linked toe seam so that there is no harsh ridging in the toe area to create discomfort and our welts will have a nice relaxed feel, not too tight, not too loose but just right.

Our mission

People say “a sock is just a sock” but
we’re giving socks a whole new meaning

Luxurious touches

Using beautiful yarns including Cashmere’s and Silk’s

Exquisite designs

Picking up on the must have looks and colours, fit to each season.

Ultimate comfort

From the yarns to the toe seam to the welt, our socks are created to feel just right.

Added to the luxury and comfort of the yarns and knitted specification we are then adding the fashionista bit! Creating exquisitely designed and relevant socks to fit in with each season, using on trend colours and picking up on the must have looks to link back to outerwear and complete your outfits.

Each Season we will use the right yarn base, the right colours, the right patterns and the right fashion direction. We would also like to add an area for feedback on what you would like to see in your next collection so that we can take on board anything currently missing that you tell us you need!

From everyone at “Finch & Belle” we hope you come to love our socks as much as we do and you shop with us for many years to come x