Our Inspiration


First we started with who our clients might be.
We needed to define what would be special to you.

We knew you would be amazing women with your own opinions and style, probably with infectious personalities who everyone wants to be around, mostly leaders not often followers, we hope we got that right!

You juggle careers, home & family life, love entertaining and are often being invited to various day and evening events. Love fashion and demand quality often with a luxurious twist. You are also likely to care about your health and fitness and expect the best to help you achieve this.

So we decided on a range that would suite all aspects of your life, giving you the choices and wrapping it all up with that touch of luxury.

Behind each collection we have thought of the smallest detail

The latest trends

Taking influence from fashion to music to homewares all over the world.

Highest quality

 Ensuring our choice of yarns provide the best comfort.

A breadth of choice

Taking you from the office, to a night out or just relaxing and taking the dog for a walk.

What we do next – we travel the globe from Tokyo to New York to Paris to London, researching what people are wearing and following. We visit specialist trade fairs such as yarn suppliers and we work closely with our factories to make sure our brand comes from ethically and technically capable resources.

Then comes the fun bit, we take all the influences we collect not just from the catwalks but from anything seen to be current be it homewares, film’s, music and trends that might filter into the UK from over sea’s and then start to work on the collection. We aim to give a diversity and breadth of offer to take you from the school drop off to the office to dinner or the theatre or just taking the dog for a walk with the family at the weekend and then finally to relax and have some well deserved you time with your feet up, wearing a pair of your very own Finch & Belle socks !