We have sourced the best yarns for each sock, Making sure they include that luxury element to give you the best product, whilst maintaining durability.

We use ethically sourced raw materials and wash test all our socks to make sure they will live up to your expectations.

However, luxury needs a bit of love and tender care, so we ask you to treat your socks gently and follow our recommended washing instructions to keep them at their best.

Exclusive Designs

Every pair of socks we design are exclusive to our collection.

We make sure that we give you the choice of product from day to night, weekday to weekend.

Making sure you have the current trends & colours to complete your seasonal outfits and offer you the diversity to enable you to buy the whole collection each season !

We will design, with love, our exclusive socks for you to wear with pride.

The Perfect Fit

Every style uses something slightly in terms of yarns, so they can all have different fit properties.

We create our size specifications with each individual sock in mind, changing the measurements where necessary to keep the best fit and comfort.

We use the softest yarns and lycra’s and include an almost seamless toe seam which are linked by hand and the welts have been designed to be the right tension.

We want to keep your tootsies as comfortable as we can.