The name – Finch and Belle…

One day sitting at my computer designing, an email popped up from our Director Kim. The email began ‘Hi All’ and went on to explain she was holding an office competition to choose the name of our new and exciting ladies hosiery brand. Not only if your suggestion was chosen as the final name for the brand (how exciting to know you had named a brand) but there was a prize! Obviously I got my thinking cap on…

Inspiration: Where to begin?

We were given an overview of the target customer (yes that’s you!!). From there I thought of successful existing brand names and liked names that were ‘something’ and ‘something’ and could be an initialism (F&B). But which two words to put together, it felt like someone had given me the dictionary to have free reign of choosing two words! With ideas bouncing around the office, there was a buzz around the challenge, which had been set. I knew I had to narrow my thought process, so began researching bird types when I came across Finches. Straight away Finch had a ring to it, now I just had to choose the second ‘something’ – easier than it sounds!!

Producing ladies hosiery using the most luxurious yarns, it had to be fitting to both the wearer and product, when one day ‘Belle’ came to mind. Belle meaning The Belle of the Ball and a beautiful woman.

Finch and Belle to me already began to sound like a memorable name.

The Shortlist:

The day came when Kim wanted all final suggestions, Finch and Belle was submitted to Kim. She then shortlisted the entries to two, in secret everyone in the office were asked to vote on their favourite. The suspense lasted a few days until the final email circulated with the chosen brand name and this is how Finch and Belle was born!