It’s that time again when our yarn supplier from E.Miroglio comes to visit us to share their new range of yarns. Check out their website for yarns, news and events  and company info


It’s not only a favourite time in the new development process for us designers but our Techno guys get super excited!  They love talking about yarn counts, fibres, what they could knit with each yarn, how nice it would feel, how the machine would react to it! Of course they get their trusty yarn convertor out and go into yarn lingo speak – which we kinda get but to be fair I think they do it to sound good!! Their faces look so serious but trust me the excitement is there!


Us designers love looking at the new colour palettes and choosing which sample cones we are going to order so we can run down test fabrics in order to see how the yarn performs on the machine, when finished and processed, during wear and when washed at home!

So new yarns selected and we wait for them to be shipped from the mills – will keep you posted on the outcomes!